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This month we’re going to look at some of the ways that windows can be improved and made more efficient. There are a lot of methods to improve low e glass coating or high emissivity efficiency including and the gas between the double and dual panes . Our initial focus is going to be on the gas that fills double, or even triple pane replacement windows. In the past on this blog, we’ve looked at different treatments that can be done to glass to improve its ability to block solar radiation and control heat loss and gain. We’ve also made a point of emphasizing the importance of properly built aluminum or vinyl windows for maintaining home energy efficiency.


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As a Architectural glass  manufacturer, I know that space is an insulator just like the glass insulation in lo-e glass. The idea behind a double paned window is that the space between the sheets of glass actually serves as a buffer or cushion to combat temperature change. At Wholesale Insulated Glass Unit A window filled with regular air alone can help to lessen the heat loss or gain through a window area. By incorporating different kinds of gas in the gap between the two panes, even greater efficiency can be gained. Because the chemical make up of a gas like argon glass insulation is different than air, it responds differently to temperature changes. By using a gas that requires a lot of energy to heat or cool, heat transfer can be reduced.

If you’ve been tracking along with us here at Architectural Glass Manufacturer over the last couple of weeks, you might be wondering why a Architectural  window manufacturing company is spending so much time talking about glass making and the annealing process. Well, given that glass insulation central to the creation of a quality window, we figured that it is kind of important. There is certainly no shortage of things to share regarding the window manufacturing industry, it is just that the need for good information about our what is at the core of our aluminum windows, vinyl windows, argon glass, storm doors and patio doors is valuable to have as a consumer, wholesale window buyer or builder.