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We know about the growing demand for quality glass here in the united states. Which is why we found you, our client, high quality glass at a reasonable price. We want our clients to enjoy only the best products without breaking the bank.

With today’s glass manufacturers’ raising glass prices according to their energy surcharges, purchasing glass becomes the most expensive part of a large scale window installation project.

We are a family-owned, and operated company based in New York. Our product is backed by a 10 year warranty. Our responsive services, and skills allow our personnel to serve different types of clients. We have various types of glass products that can be utilized for commercial spaces, condominium, new construction, existing buildings as well as other locations. Our knowledge staff is here to help you with any of your questions.

Our Story


Wholesale insulated glass was started in our 15,000 ft.² Office at the heart of Brooklyn new York. Focus was to user advantage witches years off wisdom in the Glass fabrication industry to become Ultimate professionals. Our mission is to provide Quality class in bulk to contractors, architects and everyone in between the cheapest rate in the industry while having premier quality. Despite doubling our size the last two years we State laser focused and Provide personal collection I’m touched to every order that comes in.


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